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    Home : Help : Shipping Damage

    All shipments are insured for the purchase price. Upon receipt of a package:

    1. Examine merchandise. Do not remove the "DE" back stamp on the items.

    2. If an item is broken or damaged in transit, keep all the packing, box and broken piece together.

    3. Write down the shipper name and address, the carrier tracking number or insurance number if by U.S. Postal Service, the broken item and purchase price.

    4. Call your carrier if appropriate and relay the information in item 3. Follow the carrier instructions pertaining to the broken item, packing and box. The carrier may wish to pick up the material.

    5. If shipment was by the U. S. Postal Service, call your local branch to ask where to deliver the material and have item 3 information available.

    6. Call Dining Elegance, phone (314) 865-1408 or E-mail de-3@earthlink.net with the information in item 3.

    7. Carrier, if applicable, will contact Dining Elegance, usually within ten days. Dining Elegance will contact, or be contacted by the U. S. Postal Service.

    8. After Dining Elegance is contacted by carrier or the U. S. Postal Service, Dining Elegance will ship replacement item if available. If the item is not available, a refund for the purchase price will be forwarded to the customer immediately.

    Dining Elegance
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